Villain Battle v1.0.1 APK + MOD (ซื้อสกินด้วยสกุลเงินและรับสกุลเงินมากมาย) ดาวน์โหลดฟรีสำหรับ Android

นาม Villain Battle
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มัวซัว 111.2MB
คลิก 2862
ประพันธ์ WHWL
คะแนน 6.0
วันที่ประกาศ 24/12/2020
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ฟังก์ชัน mod:

Villain Battle ซื้อสกินด้วยสกุลเงินและรับสกุลเงินมากมาย

Villain Battle แนะนำเกม :

Be reincarnated as the daughter of a novel’s wealthy family, embarking on a villainous showdown between noble families. Let’s see who wins with their face-slapping!

?Game Features:

●Stress-relieving and relaxing action game
● Thrilling turn-based face slapping battle
●Catch the right timing to attack and enjoy the exciting fight!
● A wide variety of sophisticated costume dress-up systems, let\’s dress up your character!
●Challenging daily quests and rewards
●Engaging storytelling and hilarious dialogue. Each character have their own characteristic!
●Random special events to test your reaction!
●Fun and easy to play, but challenging!

?Story Background
Oh dear, seems like I forgot to look twice before crossing the road, and now I’ve been run over by a truck! Reincarnated as the daughter of a wealthy family? How could such a good thing possibly happen to me? Oh, me?! The lovechild of a marquis? And betrothed to a handsome prince too! Out with this load of conspiracy, I’ll destroy anyone who gets in the way of my happily ever after!ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

?How to Play
Play round-based attack and defense
Dodge enemy attacks deftly and then slide your finger and tap to slap the enemy’s face
The villains will get stronger and stronger, so equip yourself well for even tougher challenges!

Villain Battle เกม :

Villain Battle

Villain Battle

Villain Battle

Villain Battle

Villain Battle (111.2MB)

Author: WHWL