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Apart of Me

Apart of Me แนะนำเกม :

Apart of Me is a multi-award-winning therapeutic game. It was co-created by experts in child psychology and bereaved young people, and translates bereavement counselling techniques into a magical 3D world.

You will be transported to a beautiful, peaceful island where you will meet a variety of friendly creatures. You will be given a guide to support you along your journey. Your guide will help you to explore, accept, understand and articulate your experience of grief and the wide range of emotions connected to it. As you progress through the game, you will discover your own strengths and wisdom. The island is a safe place where you can begin to process your grief at a pace that suits you, remember the person you have lost, and hear from others who know what it is like to lose someone you love.


– Best Youth Focused Emotional Support Application – Global Health & Pharma Technology Awards
– Points of Light Award – Prime Minister\’s Office
– Finalist – Tech4Good Awards
– Shortlisted for a BAFTA Award
– Featured on the Notable Children\’s Digital Media list (US)
– Awarded the Orcha Health App Quality Mark
– Included in the Welsh Government\’s Mental Health Toolkit


Apart of Me has been featured by the BBC, The Guardian, Evening Standard, Huffington Post, and ITN.


Bounce Works is a social enterprise with a mission to overturn the growing crisis in mental health among young people by creating engaging and effective digital products and services. We created Apart of Me because we wanted to help young people and their families through the darkness of grief towards a hopeful and fulfilling future.


Apart of Me is intended to support children and young people who have a terminally-ill family member or friend, or who have had a family member or friend die. It is not intended to replace independent professional advice from qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and medical practitioners. There are people who can help you if you feel that you need more support, so please speak to someone you can trust or seek professional guidance.

In the future we may collect some data from users to help research effectiveness of game features and therapeutic techniques. Don\’t worry, we\’ll ask for your permission before we collect anything identifiable and you will be welcome to say no at any time.

Apart of Me has been designed for ages 11+

Terms and Conditions: https://apartofme.app/terms/
Privacy Policy: https://apartofme.app/privacy/

Apart of Me เกม :

Apart of Me

Apart of Me

Apart of Me

Apart of Me

Apart of Me

Apart of Me (269.7MB)

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