Peace Elite Experience Server v1.17.5 ดาวน์โหลดฟรีสำหรับ Android

นาม Peace Elite Experience Server
หมวด หนังบู๊
มัวซัว 1.9GB
คลิก 5647
ประพันธ์ Tencent Games
คะแนน 6.0
วันที่ประกาศ 05/01/2021
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Peace Elite Experience Server

Peace Elite Experience Server แนะนำเกม :

\”Peace elite\” is an experience hand game of anti-terrorism military competition created by Tencent photon studio group. Virtual engine 4 development, the next generation of perfect image quality, the ultimate audio-visual experience; Super large real map, create fingertip battlefield, all aspects of free play tactics; 100 people compete in the same field, real trajectory, perfect shooting feel; Friends a key team, voice black; Tencent photon studio group more than 300 people team research and development, to bring you a shocking competitive experience.

[game features]

① Live map 100 people competition

Many large live maps, experience the rich changes in the environment, hundreds of people compete in the same field, with combat strategy and shooting ability to win the championship, and strive to win!

② Lifelike scene, ultimate audio visual

Virtual engine 4 technology, mature detail rendering, super map, realistic scene, more delicate, more real!

Real 3D sound effect, high fidelity real-time voice, experience the ultimate experience of immersive!

③ Easy to operate real trajectory

Real gun trajectory, excellent shooting feel, easy to use!

Dozens of real guns, real trajectory simulation of guns, real throwing trajectory, a variety of accessories, physical strike of a variety of melee weapons, bring players a thorough combat shooting experience!

④ Rich vehicle racing

A variety of real vehicles, rich drag racing experience, perfect operation feel, more real than real!

⑤ One click group Friends Open Black

Anytime, anywhere, willful open black! One click team, invite friends voice black, friends fight together.

Wechat / hand Q friend system, team system, chat room social interaction, ubiquitous in-game social experience! Go to battle, brother soldiers, see the truth on the battlefield!

⑥ Fair competition and green environment

Powerful anti plug-in function, for various models of adaptation and performance optimization, make the game more fair and smooth!

⑦ Multiple entertainment modes

A variety of entertainment modes, more concentrated combat area, faster game rhythm, shorter game duration, bring smooth and fast combat experience!

⑧ New team play

Complex and changeable terrain structure, close range frontal combat. New rules, new map, bring new competitive experience!

Peace Elite Experience Server เกม :

Peace Elite Experience Server

Peace Elite Experience Server

Peace Elite Experience Server

Peace Elite Experience Server

Peace Elite Experience Server

Peace Elite Experience Server (1.9GB)