D23 v1.0 ดาวน์โหลดฟรีสำหรับ Android

นาม D23
หมวด หนังบู๊
มัวซัว 242.5MB
คลิก 7792
ประพันธ์ Origin Stone
คะแนน 6.0
วันที่ประกาศ 03/09/2021
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D23 แนะนำเกม :

District 23 is a slum that has always been a gathering place for terms such as poverty, chaos, violence and crime, so that it is very easy to overlook that it is also full of gritty, indomitable, flowers of hope. Those malicious person and gangsters are always tending to occupy D23 and turn it into a whirlpool center of a huge conspiracy. This exacerbates the chaos in D23.

Kitten Carlita and big-dog Connor became two superheroes and started working for the government, after being involved in Dr. Mark’s super-serum experiment.
However, they were immediately involved in a complex huge vortex from their very first mission.

Features of the game:
A horizontal action game with both pleasure of combat fighting and strategy design. Player will not feel tired easily.

Tons of weapons, gears, skills and abilities, thousands of theory players could use to build up their own heroes and defeat the boss. And there will not be any two completely same game experiences.

Organization competition: there are three organizations in the game world, player could join and help to build up one of them. The higher ranking you got; the better bounds will be delivered.

Roguelike play combination: equipment for a variety of random attributes, skill combinations for a variety of genres, and random techniques in the game

Easy to play: After setting up your own strategy and deciding which gear to level up, AI will help to finish a lot of game action. There is no need to keep eyes on it all the time.

D23 เกม :






D23 (242.5MB)

Author: Origin Stone