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นาม Pubg 2 Future Campaign
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มัวซัว 1.2GB
คลิก 2922
ประพันธ์ WHWL
คะแนน 6.0
วันที่ประกาศ 29/10/2021
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Pubg 2 Future Campaign

Pubg 2 Future Campaign แนะนำเกม :

In PUBG, players become survivors and fight to the death on a new Jedi battlefield, using state-of-the-art transformation guns and multi-dimensional interactive tactics. The final goal is to fight for \”the last survivor\” by finding weapons and vehicles that can be used in the dwindling battlefield.

▣ Game introduction ▣

▶ Skip the limits of mobile games and enjoy the highest quality reality games

– Global illumination technology is used to achieve high-end reality beyond the boundaries of mobile games

– Surpass the existing mobile games, with the highest quality and the most spectacular open battlefield

– A new milestone in the PUBG reality gaming generation

– Give you the jedi battlefield in your own hands!

▶ More Vivid Gunfight thrill

– Optimized mobile game operation, to create PUBG exclusive real battlefield, with detailed simulation game, beyond the previous gunfight fun

– Advanced customized guns allow you to match tactics and use weapons more flexibly

▶ Unique movements and interactive functions

– Take full control of the Jedi battlefields with PUBG\’s exclusive combat dodge, drone call, or call for support

– Navigate the vast 8X8 km Jedi battlefields with more novel and varied modes of movement

– Enjoy tactical survival in multiple ways, and officially launch the addictive Jedi Battle Royale

▶ Expand the established worldview of PUBG

– Set in the anarchic 2051 of PUBG decades into the future, players must survive the battle of various forces, and the battle of the future is imminent

– Improved tactics and techniques, bringing a new world view to PUBG

▶ True PUBG: Battlegrounds: The Future Campaign

– A real Battle Royale for all PUBG fans

– The only mobile successor to PUBG on PC

Pubg 2 Future Campaign เกม :

Pubg 2 Future Campaign

Pubg 2 Future Campaign

Pubg 2 Future Campaign

Pubg 2 Future Campaign

Pubg 2 Future Campaign

Pubg 2 Future Campaign (1.2GB)

Author: WHWL