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นาม Pact of War: Ace Mission
หมวด สวมบทบาท
มัวซัว 498.1MB
คลิก 7554
ประพันธ์ WHWL
คะแนน 6.0
วันที่ประกาศ 24/06/2021
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Pact of War: Ace Mission

Pact of War: Ace Mission แนะนำเกม :

\”War Pact: Ace Mission\” is a \”military card mobile game\” with a modern war theme: it integrates card development, strategic combat, and legion melee. As the commander in the game, players can freely match their favorite military lineups and conduct various strategic combat exercises; of course, they can also lead the overall situation and coordinate with the army to advance and retreat together. In the world of war conventions, commanders can enjoy the charm of war games!

——Ingeniously drawn hand-run military and military illustrations——
The light-realistic art style combined with 2D+3D and the ingenious drawing of \”full process\” strive to break through the picture quality level of similar products. All military and military models in the game use 3D next-generation high-model and PBR production processes to restore the most realistic texture of military weapons. At the same time, it is supplemented by the original painter\’s hand-painted one by one to enhance the local details, so that all the military weapons in the game show the excellent quality of the figure.

——Balanced Matching No-Waste Card Development Experience——
T-34, IS-2, Panthers, Tiger King, Sherman… all kinds of legendary military weapons have appeared on the stage, once again staged the peak duel. Under the torrent of historical steel, there is no military weapon, there is no story, no representation. Commanders can freely train their favorite military weapons, break through the traditional rank restrictions, and create a unique trump card division.

—— Lineup as you like, turn-based strategy competition——
The game uses a 6V6 turn-based strategy battle, and pays more attention to the realistic restoration of war scenes. In addition to army units participating in the battle, they can also call for air support to make the entire battlefield more three-dimensional and changeable. Relying on the strategy of formation and attributes to win, it is easy for low-competition players to counterattack high-competition players; the tractor can also counterattack large tanks with wisdom.

-Legion confrontation, real-time offense and defense on the big map-
On the basis of ensuring the balance of values, \”War Pact: Ace Mission\” has also carefully created a multi-legion, multi-player, and multi-unit melee gameplay. Players fight side by side against powerful enemies, and together build the strongest army on the battlefield. The battlefield is changing, and the commander will also trigger various random events when exploring the big map, generate rare rewards, and have a new experience every day!

Pact of War: Ace Mission เกม :

Pact of War: Ace Mission

Pact of War: Ace Mission

Pact of War: Ace Mission

Pact of War: Ace Mission

Pact of War: Ace Mission

Pact of War: Ace Mission (498.1MB)

Author: WHWL