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นาม Rising Fortress(Alpha ver.)
หมวด กลยุทธ์
มัวซัว 285.8MB
คลิก 4236
ประพันธ์ WHWL
คะแนน 6.0
วันที่ประกาศ 28/10/2021
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Rising Fortress(Alpha ver.)

Rising Fortress(Alpha ver.) แนะนำเกม :

Fortress Quest is a casual RTS mobile combat game in which players build up their units and level up their bases to defeat enemies while protecting their forts from destruction.
You can defeat enemies by collecting and upgrading each class in your preferred style, using the skills and characteristics of each class to test your hand speed, reflexes, brain power and timing.

[Game features]
[- real-time match control battle situation -]
High-speed matching real-time battle, feel the tension of the exciting battle experience, mental hand speed is indispensable! Reconnaissance, raid, expansion so that you can fully feel the charm of PVP every game against!

[- Epic battle of heroes -]
Control the battlefield heroes with different styles, strong hero skills with arms to reverse the situation of the war, study the characteristics of heroes and arms, flexible collocation of the lineup can more easily defeat opponents.

[- Unlimited card group free collocation -]
No need to match the card group according to the battlefield situation of the free selection of troops, random and changeable tactics – fully show the charm of real-time strategy, kobolds rapid raid, the construction of the arrow tower step by step, increase the population of massive violence, climb fortress technology, high-level military oppression…… Massive factions play, set off a tactical revival.

[- Fight together against the demon -]
Team up two and hold the city! Cooperate with his comrades in defense, resist the demon invasion, win high honors and awards!
– start at any time and play at any point
Quest is a casual RTS mobile battle game that takes an average of 3-5 minutes per game, allowing you to experience combat anytime, anywhere

Rising Fortress(Alpha ver.) เกม :

Rising Fortress(Alpha ver.)

Rising Fortress(Alpha ver.)

Rising Fortress(Alpha ver.)

Rising Fortress(Alpha ver.)

Rising Fortress(Alpha ver.)

Rising Fortress(Alpha ver.) (285.8MB)

Author: WHWL